The game does not change and neither does human nature. – Edwin Lefevre – “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”

Welcome to NinjaCrafter!


Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to NinjaCrafter, dedicated to bringing first rate tools for traders to the NinjaTrader platform.

My goals here are simple:

1Bring My ThinkScripter Tools to NinjaTrader
By popular demand, some of my most useful tools from thinkScript will be converted for use in NinjaTrader.

2Develop New Professional Tools
Using the superior data capabilities available to NinjaTrader, create exciting new tools for traders specifically aimed at shedding light into the hidden world that underlies price action.

3Create First-Rate Auto-Traders
Harness the superior built-in auto-trading capabilities of NinjaTrader to create a series of trading systems available at a fair price.

4No Bull
Anyone who has spent any length of time around the financial industry knows what I’m talking about. Paid mentorships; Trading rooms; Expensive courses; Outrageously priced “Indicators”: The industry is populated by people seeking to take advantage of both other’s inexperience and greed. Not on my watch, and not here.

Professional Tools
Fair Prices
No Bull

Latest NinjaCrafter Tools

Cumulative TICK

Plots the cumulative sum of the adjusted NYSE TICK values along with average values of the Cumulative TICK at four time pivots throughout the trading day.

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Period VWAP

The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) represents the aggregate average price of the market participants. The Period VWAP Indicator is designed for use on a daily chart and allows the user to choose the specific start date for the VWAP calculations.

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Tape Momentum

The Tape Momentum indicator monitors the intensity of the buying and selling pressure present in the market. Very high intensity is often associated with imminent reversals/stop runs, or breakouts/breakdowns.

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